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│ Selection By Control Methods │






1. The system which manages automatically oil pressure and flux, caused by the change of load.
2. Minimization of motive electric currents by choosing invert and realization of the decrease to 30% of power resources.
3. Easy repair and exact installation are advantages.

- Freight and car elevator
- Parking building, storage, hospital and factory
- Low speed (30,45,60M/Min) Micom


1. Management by Micro-computer
2. Easy repair thanks to making trouble place.
3. Enlargement of installation and machine room by the minimized control box
4. Realization of the energy-saving technology to 50%

- Suitable for passenger
- Medium sized structure, such as medium and small sized building, hotel, department store, and so on


1. Control method of frequency change
2. In speed reduction, the decrease to 20% of supply power
3. Comfortable and silent
4. The load decrease to 50% of the power resources

- Suitable for passenger
- Medium and large sized structure, such as medium and small sized building, apartment, hotel, department store, and so on
- Medium, and high speed (60,90,105,120 M/Min)


│ Various Functional Characteristic │

  • Stop on each floor
  • Manual operation
  • Operation to the designated floor (for private)
  • Relief operation
  • Installed the vocal guiding device
  • Measuring
  • Perception of the high temperature
  • Manually operated by operator
  • Control operation in earthquake
  • Single automatic/riding together operation automatically
  • Automatically parking
  • Control operation in fire
  • Operation by machine room
  • Automatic leveling revision
  • Standby status program on the particular floor
  • Choosing the floor without stop
  • Perception of the low temperature
  • Power resource device without electric interruption
  • Cancellation of the mischievous calling
  • Simple observation
  • Operated by the fire fighter
  • Inputting the over a fixed number

│ Various Safe Devices In Elevator │

  • Circuit breaker: Circuit breaker Device which protects machine from excess current
  • Door lock switch: Except for a case that the elevator reaches the expected floor, the door never opens.
  • Wedge: Device, installed in the lower part of the car and which stops safely the car by catching guide rail
  • Governor: In a case that the car speed goes beyond the safe speed, governor interrupts the motor’s power, and operates the wedge by catching rope
  • Magnetic brake: In a case of motor stop, magnetic brake stops the elevator through catching the braking plate by the power of spring
  • Outside door latch: Device to rescue the passenger inside the car, in interruption of electric power or emergency
  • Safety shoe: If there is something between gates, safety shoe checks the thing and reopens the gates.
  • Buffer: If the car or count weight falls to the lowest floor, buffer safely stops them.
  • Fascia plate: Device, to cease passengers from falling between the wall of lift wall and the car.
  • Limit switches / upper and lower: Ceasing the car from operating above normal positions in highest and lowest floors
  • Final limits switches/ upper and lower: Dual safe device of the limit switches, finally ceasing the car from operating above the normal position in the highest floor.
  • Rope Brake: If the car operates in the state of opened gates or slides down without control or operates above normal speed, the rope brake safely stops the car.
  • Emergency exit: Device, which is installed in the upper part of the car and makes the passenger inside the cage escape.
  • Emergency light: The light automatically turned on, to brighten the inside of the car in interruption of electric power.
  • Inter-phone: Device, which can make the passenger call to the outside in emergency.
  • Weighing device: Device, preventing the excessive passenger (freight) from boarding.


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